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Bollywood Box Office: April 27-29, 2018

No new releases made for a lackluster weekend at the North American box office for Bollywood films. While Avengers: Infinity War set opening weekend records and the Telugu hit Bharat Ane Nenu crossed the $3 million mark, October quietly led the way among Hindi movies with $22,384 from 21 theaters ($1,066 average), according to Bollywood Hungama. The Varun Dhawan drama has total earnings of $498,484 after three weekends in the United States and Canada.

Other Hindi movies still showing in North America (no data for Baaghi 2):

  • Blackmail: Week 4; $7,196 from ten theaters; $720 average; $294,060 total
  • Beyond the Clouds: Week 2; $1,102 from five theaters; $220 average; $40,898 total
  • Hichki: Week 6; $900 from one theater; $766,979 total
  • Raid: Week 7; $564 from one theater; $1,088,345 total

Sources: Bollywood Hungama and Box Office Mojo


Bollywood Box Office: April 20-22, 2018

Bollywood films didn’t stand a chance against the Telugu behemoth Bharat Ane Nenu, which earned more than $2.5 million in its opening weekend in North America. The lone new Hindi release — Beyond the Clouds — earned $26,166 from 32 theaters ($818 average)* during the weekend of April 20-22, 2018, according to Bollywood Hungama.

October held up reasonably well in its second week of release, hanging onto 40% of its opening weekend business. It earned $94,549 from 65 theaters ($1,455 average), bringing its total earnings to $438,978.

On the other hand, last weekend’s other new release, Mercury, lost over 90% of its opening weekend business, taking in just $4,799 from ten theaters ($480 average). Its total stands at $76,762.

Other Indian movies still showing in North American theaters (no complete figures for Baaghi 2):

  • Blackmail: Week 3; $16,051 from 13 theaters; $1,235 average; $282,652 total
  • Hichki: Week 5; $5,700 from four theaters; $1,425 average; $763,091 total
  • Raid: Week 6; $1,510 from two theaters; $755 average; $1,087,195 total

*Bollywood Hungama routinely counts Canadian theaters twice in its weekly reporting, at least for a movie’s first few weekends of release. When possible, I try to verify the correct theater count with other sources, like Box Office Mojo. The above figures represent what I believe to be the actual theater counts. Bollywood Hungama’s reporting technically puts Beyond the Clouds in 41 theaters (making for a $638 per-theater average).

Sources: Bollywood Hungama and Box Office Mojo