Bollywood Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime

[May 9, 2017 Update: Amazon just introduced a new subscription Bollywood channel for Prime members — Heera. Learn more about the service here, or click here for a list of Bollywood movies on Heera.]

This is a list of all the Hindi-language films available for streaming for free on Amazon Prime in the United States. Most of the movies in this list are also available for rent without an Amazon Prime subscription. Newly added and recently expired films are featured at the top. The titles’ hyperlinks lead directly to each film’s page at Amazon. Click on the star-rating to read my review of the film. [List updated November 18, 2017.]

Amazon’s Hindi-film catalog is rife with unconventional spellings, and movies are often listed by the date they became available digitally rather than the date they released in theaters. This is especially confusing when movies share the same title. For the purposes of this list, I use the most common title spellings and dates featured at sites like IMDb and Wikipedia. Because of misspellings, searching Amazon by the proper title can yield incomplete results, so I encourage you to use the links below.

Given Amazon’s the limited sort functions, I check each title in the catalog individually. No bots here — just good, old-fashioned human labor. If you find this list useful and would like to support the work I put into building and maintaining it, please donate to Access Bollywood via Paypal.

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