Bollywood Box Office: May 16-18

No new Hindi films of note have opened in North America since 2 States released on April 18, 2014, and it’s starting to show at the box office. According to figures supplied by Rentrak to Bollywood Hungama, 2 States earned only $34,949 from thirty-two theaters in the U.S. and Canada ($1,092 per screen), bringing its total North American earnings to $2,174,356.

Theaters were so desperate for Bollywood films that one theater brought back Queen ($136) and another held over Main Tera Hero ($112) for a seventh week.

Meanwhile, The Lunchbox continued its preplanned roll-out, opening in some new theaters while departing older ones. In its eleventh week of release, it earned $148,840 from 147 theaters. Its per-screen average earnings of $1,013 continued a downward trend that started in earnest in week six.

So why did thirty-two theaters decide to give 2 States a fifth weekend? It has everything to do with per-screen average earnings. Even in its fourth weekend, it was still one of the higher-earning movies in the U.S. and Canada on a per-screen basis. According to Box Office Mojo, its per-screen average of $1,579 ranked 33rd overall for the weekend of May 9-11.

[Box Office Mojo’s figures are generally higher than those reported by Bollywood Hungama/Rentrak.]

However, that ranking doesn’t tell the whole story. Of the movies ranked above it, five were IMAX documentaries and twenty-three were smaller indie pictures that likely had gradual roll-out strategies similar to The Lunchbox (I included The Lunchbox and its $1,595 average in this group).

Omitting those twenty-eight movies that were bound to have higher averages due to scarcity, that left only eight movies showing in a minimum of 500 theaters ranked above 2 States. Two were new releases (Neighbors and Moms’ Night Out), and another two were big-budget action fare (The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

That made 2 States a pretty good holdover bet, especially since it out-performed plenty of its contemporary Hollywood fare. It beat Brick Mansions and The Quiet Ones in their third week of release. It outpaced Bears, Transcendence, and A Haunted House 2 in their fourth week. It even beat one new release: Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return ($1,410 average).

Sources: Bollywood Hungama and Box Office Mojo


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  1. JustMeMike

    While I will leave analysis of the box office figures to others – I think the simple truth for 2 States staying power and popularity is that is just a terrific movie. I read your review and noted that I would definitely make it my business to see this one. In fact, I drove more than 50 miles in each direction to go upt to Tampa to see it.

    Your review was very positive as was mine.

    I think this is a film that kind of transcends ethnic, racial, or religious lines – which are generally why parents object to mixed marriages of any kind. Whether one lives in the USA or India, or any place else, this film has tremendous appeal.

    Thanks for your fine review of 2 States which was of course a primary reason for me going ta distance to see it.


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