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Late 2021/Early 2022 Release Calendar Update

Almost as soon as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra announced that cinema halls will reopen on October 22, studios set about claiming prime weekends, filling up the release calendar through April 2022 in no time. This meant shifting around some titles that haven’t completed production yet, including Aamir Khan’s Forrest Gump remake Laal Singh Chaddha, which abandoned Christmas 2021 and moved back to Valentine’s Day 2022. Ranveer Singh’s cricket biopic 83 quickly took its place, locking this Christmas Eve for its cinematic debut.

Of course, the current release schedule could be moot if a COVID resurgence forces Mumbai theaters to close again. Akshay Kumar noted that the biggest risk when BellBottom released on August 19 — while theaters in Mumbai were closed — is that 30% of most Hindi films’ revenue comes from theaters in Maharashtra state. Many production houses have shown themselves willing to wait for favorable theatrical conditions to release their movies rather than take quick money for a streaming service debut.

Check out my full release calendar for all of the newly announced dates for the Hindi movies that I believe are likely to open in theaters in the United States. While you’re there, scroll down to see all of the movies that had previously announced theatrical release dates but have not yet rescheduled. Right now, Nikamma is the Bollywood movie that’s been waiting the longest for a release. It was originally supposed to hit theaters on June 5, 2020! I’ll update the page as more titles from the “Postponed” section announce their new dates.

New Upcoming Bollywood Releases Page

I added a new page to the site titled Upcoming Bollywood Releases, with a link available in the right sidebar under the heading “Other Pages at This Site.” I’ve long maintained a list of upcoming Hindi movie release dates for my own personal reference, so why not make that list public?

Note that this is not a list of every Hindi movie scheduled for release in India, only those that I believe are likely to open in theaters in the United States. My predictions are based on a factors such as stars, directors, and studios, and even holidays. The more popular the star or director, the more likely the movie is to release internationally. Some studios — such as Excel Entertainment — release all of their movies in US theaters, regardless of who’s in them.

I’m bound to miss a few films — who would’ve expected Nanak Shah Fakir to open here? — but most of the movies on the list are safe bets. Movie release dates in India are notoriously fluid, so some of the dates will likely change, and I will update the list accordingly. Just today, Welcome Back‘s release was delayed only a month before its scheduled opening. Nevertheless, my list is a good guide as to what films to expect to see in US and Canadian theaters in the near (and distant) future.