New Upcoming Bollywood Releases Page

I added a new page to the site titled Upcoming Bollywood Releases, with a link available in the right sidebar under the heading “Other Pages at This Site.” I’ve long maintained a list of upcoming Hindi movie release dates for my own personal reference, so why not make that list public?

Note that this is not a list of every Hindi movie scheduled for release in India, only those that I believe are likely to open in theaters in the United States. My predictions are based on a factors such as stars, directors, and studios, and even holidays. The more popular the star or director, the more likely the movie is to release internationally. Some studios — such as Excel Entertainment — release all of their movies in US theaters, regardless of who’s in them.

I’m bound to miss a few films — who would’ve expected Nanak Shah Fakir to open here? — but most of the movies on the list are safe bets. Movie release dates in India are notoriously fluid, so some of the dates will likely change, and I will update the list accordingly. Just today, Welcome Back‘s release was delayed only a month before its scheduled opening. Nevertheless, my list is a good guide as to what films to expect to see in US and Canadian theaters in the near (and distant) future.

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