Streaming Video News: November 8, 2019

I updated my list of Bollywood movies on Amazon Prime with the addition of dozens of Indian films added in the last week. Two Hindi releases from this year — Section 375 and Gone Kesh — just became available for streaming today. Other recently added 2019 releases include:

I also updated my list of Bollywood movies on Netflix because the following titles are set to expire on November 15: Fireflies in the Abyss, M Cream, O21, and Shukranallah. Season 3 of the Hindi series Little Things will be available starting November 9.

2 thoughts on “Streaming Video News: November 8, 2019

  1. Jill

    As always, put this review wherever you think best.

    I watched “Gone Kesh.” I watched “Ujda Chaman” and really liked it.”Bala” came to our theater but since it was going to stream, I didn’t see it then. “Gone Kesh” is another baldness movie but this movie about a teenaged girl Enakshi, played by Shewta Tripathi. Her baldness is called alopecia. Her parents are genuine in trying to help her by diet, buying medicine, and good emotional support. Enakshi, of course, is having a very hard time trying to navigate school, work, the fact her parents are trying to find her a husband, and her hair loss. She eventually comes to terms with it.

    This is a main character against self movie. There’s no action. The songs are subtitled, which I always like. There is a fair amount of flashbacks so I wouldn’t show this as an early film (first 5-7) to a newbie to Bollywood. The flashbacks aren’t sequential and the baldness makes them a little harder to follow than normal.

    Shweta does a good job but Vipin Sharma and Deepika Amin playing Enakshi’s parents really truly shine. They do clueless (at first because she isn’t telling them), concerned, desperate to find a cure, protective-against the stupid marriage proposals the priest brings, independent, and many more feelings and emotions. They have a side story of wanting to see the Taj Mahal and that in a way is a comment on the future empty nest. They aren’t playing just one mood, for example, the fun ditzy girl like some of Sonam Kapoor’s roles. It made me want to find more movies they are in and watch them.

    Jitendra Kumar does a good job in his role as the boyfriend. He has a line about understanding he’s not the best looking guy out there and so he isn’t expecting the hottest girl to fall for him. That’s refreshing in Bollywood where some films are just about the prettiest or most handsome starts. His character is looking at Enakshi as a person, not a picture.

    Overall, a film that I think was missed by a thinking audience. If you want action and hot stars, this isn’t it. If you want a film with good characters and growth, you should like it.

    1. Kathy

      Gone Kesh has an interesting premise. I’m glad to hear it’s good! And Jill, you should really consider starting your own blog for your reviews. You’re prolific!


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