Streaming Video News: December 18, 2015

I updated my list of Bollywood movies on Netflix with one new addition to the catalog. The 2012 crime epic Gangs of Wasseypur is now available for streaming. When the five-hour-plus film originally released in theaters, it was split into two parts. Netflix has taken that approach further, breaking the movie into eight episodes of approximately 40-minutes each. Netflix even classifies Gangs of Wasseypur as a TV show instead of a film.

I’m intrigued by this approach, as I think it could really help to make the movie more accessible. The plot is organized in a way that doesn’t suit an even split in the middle, so breaking it into smaller chapters should help maintain narrative cohesion. Psychologically, it also seems (at least to me) less daunting to commit to watching eight short episodes of a show than one five-hour film. Without having seen the episodic version, it sounds like a great idea.

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