Opening January 18: Mumbai Mirror

One new Hindi movie opens in the Chicago area on January 18, 2013, and it’s about as low-profile as you get. Mumbai Mirror stars nobody I’ve heard of besides Prakash Raj, who plays the film’s villain.

Mumbai Mirror opens on Friday at the Big Cinemas Golf Glen 5 in Niles and AMC South Barrington 30 in South Barrington. It has a listed runtime of 2 hrs. 16 min.

While  I don’t have the U.S opening weekend earnings figures for Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, they presumably weren’t good. The film drops from the schedules at three local theaters, only carrying over at the Golf Glen 5, South Barrington 30, and AMC River East 21 in Chicago.

Other Indian films showing in the area this weekend include Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (aka SVSC, Telugu) at the Golf Glen 5, River East 21, and Cinemark at Seven Bridges in Woodridge; Naayak (Telugu) at the Golf Glen 5 and Seven Bridges; and Bavuttiyude Namathil (Malayalam) at the Golf Glen 5. Thanks to the Cinemark at Seven Bridges for noting at their website that both of the Telugu movies are being shown without English subtitles.

5 thoughts on “Opening January 18: Mumbai Mirror

  1. Keyur Seta

    Hey Inkaar not releasing there?? So surprising! I saw it on Tuesday. I thought I will give my opinion after you see it. But it looks like it isn’t releasing there!

    1. Kathy Post author

      I was really surprised that Inkaar wasn’t opening here, too. I’m eager to hear what you thought of it, Keyur.

        1. Kathy Post author

          I’ll be interested to see “Inkaar” on DVD. I drove 45 minutes to the theater to watch “Mumbai Mirror” this morning, only to learn that the projector was broken. Oh, well. I’m considering it divine intervention. 🙂

          1. Keyur Seta

            OMG! Hahahahaha! Judging from the promos, I think it was divine intervention indeed 😀 I also salute your passion for Hindi cinema. I didn’t even think of watching it 😛

            I just told your incident to my brother. He says, “Even the projector couldn’t bear Mumbai Mirror.” 😛 Kidding!


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