In Theaters May 28, 2010

After a successful opening weekend, Kites is sticking around Chicago area theaters for a second week. But the shorter, English-language edit of the movie, Kites: The Remix, is nowhere to be found. Set to open on May 28, the reedited version was created to appeal to international audiences.

Seven of the nine Chicagoland theaters in which the original Hindi version of Kites opened last weekend are carrying the movie for a second week. None of them will carry Kites: The Remix — not even the Big Cinemas Golf Glen 5, which is owned by Reliance, the company that produced Kites.

The theaters showing Kites for a second week are:

In its opening weekend in U.S. theaters, Kites earned $958,673 in the 208 theaters showing the film. While the overall total is good, the per screen average of $4,609 isn’t great. In December, 3 Idiots earned $1,645,502 on 119 screens its opening weekend for a per screen average of $13,828. My Name Is Khan‘s opening weekend in February earned the movie $2,264,983 from 120 screens, a per screen average of $18,875.

There are no other Hindi films playing in the Chicago area this weekend, but the Golf Glen 5 is showing Golimar (Telugu), Nayakan (Malayalam) and Singam (Tamil), which is also showing at Sathyam Cinemas in Downers Grove.

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