Split Screen Podcast, Episode 10: Jazbaa vs. Seven Days


Episode 10 of the Split Screen Podcast is now live. In this episode, show host Shah Shahid and I compare Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s 2015 Bollywood thriller Jazbaa to its inspiration, the Korean film Seven Days. Shah and I agree that Seven Days is the superior movie, though Shah is a little more forgiving of Jazbaa director Sanjay Gupta’s quirks than I am.

You can subscribe to the Split Screen Podcast at iTunes, or you can listen to the Episode 10 in your browser on this page at Shah’s website, Blank Page Beatdown. Other episodes that feature my Midwestern-accented commentary include Episode 8 (Warrior vs. Brothers), Episode 2 (Knight and Day vs. Bang Bang), Episode 1 (Memento vs. Ghajini), and the podcast’s introductory Episode 0. All of the episodes of the Split Screen Podcast can be found here. Enjoy!

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