Spooky Bollywood Movies on Netflix

This post was originally written in 2014. Click here for my 2017 edition.

Halloween is just days away, and although horror flicks are still somewhat rare in Bollywood, there are several creepy Hindi films available for streaming on Netflix to get you in the mood for the holiday.

Raaz_3dRaaz 3 (2012)
I loved Bipasha Basu as a movie star so desperate to hold on to her fame that she makes a deal with the devil. Emraan Hashmi plays her conflicted boyfriend, and Esha Gupta the up-and-comer who drives Bipasha to black magic. While by no means terrifying, Raaz 3 does have some eerie, atmospheric sets and fun performances. My review


13b13B (2009)
13B has a neat premise: a daily soap opera predicts the horrors that await a family in their new apartment, but only the husband (played by R. Madhavan) realizes the show’s significance. While more of a creepy thriller than out-and-out horror flick, it serves as an entertaining satire on obsessive TV viewing habits. My review


Dangerous_Ishhq_PosterDangerous Ishhq (2012)
The best thing to be said for Dangerous Ishhq is that it’s a pretty film to look at. Karishma Kapoor returned to the screen after nine years to play a model who hallucinates the deadly events of her past lives. This supernatural murder mystery makes up the rules as it goes along, and the acting is just okay. My review


Gauri_-_The_UnbornGauri: The Unborn (2007)
Atul Kulkarni and Rituparna Sengupta play a married couple who must protect their daughter from a spirit that seeks to claim her. Sounds scary.

4 thoughts on “Spooky Bollywood Movies on Netflix

  1. ashokbhatia

    Good compilation. The ones which gave us goose bumps in the earlier days were flicks like ‘Bees Saal Baad’, ‘Kohra’, ‘Bhoot Bangla’ and the like. These had great music as well. Then we had the ones from Ramsay Brothers.

    1. Kathy

      I would love it if Netflix added more old Bollywood horror films, Ashok. I’m not even a big horror fan, but I’d prioritize those over a lot of newer Hindi films.


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