Streaming Video News: January 9, 2018

I updated my list of Bollywood movies on Netflix with one new addition. The Hindi horror movie The House Next Door joins its Tamil version, Aval, in the streaming catalog. For everything else new on Netflix — Bollywood or not — check Instant Watcher.

Here’s an update on my progress with my growing list of Bollywood movies on Amazon Prime. As you may recall, Amazon shut down Heera last week, moving almost all of their Indian films from behind Heera’s paywall and into the general Prime catalog. I double-checked all of the Bollywood films from my Heera page and incorporated those that made the jump into the list on my Prime page. Eleven of the titles on my Heera page are no longer available for streaming at all, and fourteen — including Krrish 3 and Hum Saath-Saath Hain — are only available with a subscription to Eros Now through Amazon Channels (which you can try free for seven days).

For the most part, I’ve completed the Bollywood portion of my Amazon Prime page, although I’m still finding random titles that I didn’t know were available — like Aurangzeb! — because Amazon’s catalog is such a mess. The bulk of my remaining work is adding movies available in other Indian languages, and holy crap, there are a ton of them. Yesterday, I found 28 films I didn’t know were available just with titles starting with the letter “A”! I’ve further subdivided the movies by language, which should make it easier to find specific films.

As I said, this is a work in progress, and I appreciate your patience as I fill out the list. I’m trying to be as accurate as possible, saving you from the wild goose chases I’ve been on: following broken links and deciphering Amazon’s sometimes weird spelling.

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    1. Kathy

      You’re welcome, instructor! This was such an exciting change — to go from a couple dozen Hindi titles to hundreds overnight. Enjoy!

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