Bollywood Bloodbath

I want to thank my brother, Dan, for buying me one of the best gifts ever: the compilation CD Bollywood Bloodbath. The disc features twenty-two songs from Hindi horror films, mostly from the ’80s and mostly written by Bappi Lahiri. Presently, my favorite is Lahiri’s schizophrenic “Mere Jaan” from the movie Dahshat:

…although it’s hard to resist the dopey charms of Rajesh Roshan’s “Superman, Superman.”

Since you know you need to own a copy of Bollywood Bloodbath for yourself, here’s where you can purchase it from Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Bollywood Bloodbath

    1. Kathy

      The camera work in the original video is hilarious. Closeup on a fire; pan the camera five feet to the right to show a woman posing seductively; wait five seconds, then pan back to the fire. OMG, it’s so funny.


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