Movie Review: Rascals (2011)

Zero Stars (out of 4)

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Director David Dhawan is responsible for my worst Bollywood movie of 2009: Do Knot Disturb. Dhawan looks on track to reclaim the title this year with Rascals, a movie that exemplifies filmmaking at its laziest.

Let me start with a small example of the laziness that permeates Rascals. Early in the film, a tough guy named Anthony (Arjun Rampal) walks into a bar to watch a soccer game, and he places a bet on Brazil. Cut to the TV for a shot of the game, and it’s a game between Germany and Argentina.

A mistake like that wouldn’t have been a big deal if the movie was otherwise competently made. But here’s what it tells me about Dhawan’s level of respect for the audience: he has none. He thinks that moviegoers will be happy to spend two hours watching Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt slap each other while Kangana Ranaut struts around in a bikini.

The problems stem from the crap story at the heart of Rascals. The plot is essentially a dumbed-down version of Bluffmaster!, but without a moral compass. Devgan and Dutt play Bhagat and Chetan (respectively), a pair of thieves who each independently steal from Anthony on the same day. Both flee to Bangkok, where they become rivals for the affections of Khushi (Ranaut).

Bhagat and Chetan spend the bulk of the film trying to thwart each other’s advances on clueless Khushi. Anthony doesn’t reenter the story until the last twenty minutes or so.

Rascals feels much longer than its two-hour runtime. Scenes are introduced without any set-up, and frequently without narrative purpose. Despite having two action stars as its leads, there are few action scenes, but lots of boring conversations between characters. Ranaut’s shrill delivery makes these scenes almost unbearable.

It’s not entirely Ranaut’s fault that her character so irritating. Khushi isn’t written to have any sort of depth or personality: she’s a dumb sex object, as is the only other major female character in Rascals, an escort named Dolly (Lisa Haydon).

A reliance upon stereotypes is another example of creative laziness in Rascals. Women are stupid and only good for sex; white women are particularly slutty (as evidence by the suspiciously high number of scantily clad, blonde backup dancers in Thailand); men are sex-crazed.

Not wanting to let an opportunity for casual racism slip by, Dhawan includes a scene in which Bhagat and Chetan are caught up in a bank robbery. The robbers are all black Africans. In Thailand.

I won’t go so far as to say that Dhawan is racist or sexist (though I can’t figure out why he thought it was cool to have Anthony vent his anger toward Bhagat and Chetan by slapping his innocent sister in the face). I just think he’s careless. Careless about the messages his movies send, not to mention careless about details.

Details like having the characters in Rascals celebrate Christmas just days after they celebrated Valentine’s Day.


12 thoughts on “Movie Review: Rascals (2011)

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  2. Roger

    Wow what a great movie !! This is a perfect example of Bollywood buffoonery ! My sincere hats off to the producer, director and actors of this movie for making and delivering another fantastically stupid and idiotic movie.
    I doubt if Bollywood can ever make a decent movie.
    Thanks for confirming that all the movies Bollywood produces are nothing but masterpieces like “Rascals”.
    Great job ! Keep it up !! I give this movie three thumbs up from the bottom of the garbage Pitt !

    1. Kathy

      Holy cow, Roger! “Rascals” ticked you off even more than it did me. While I obviously think there are lots of good Bollywood movies out there, the popularity of the screwball/slapstick comedy sub-genre mystifies me. It’s much harder to do well than people think, and its two chief purveyors — David Dhawan and Anees Bazmee — seem to go for the laziest, cheapest gags. I’d prefer a truly funny film like “3 Idiots,” “Delhi Belly” or even “Dabanng” over anything by those two directors any day.

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  5. tanay

    ajay did this movie for sake of frndship with sanjay cos sanjay is the producer. Now i read last week that david dhawan regrets making this movie. He used to make nice clean comedies in the 90’s. Now a days everyone wants to make nasty sex comedies.

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