Opening January 25: Race 2

Of all the movies that I never needed to see, a sequel to 2008’s idiotic Race is near the top of my list. Nevertheless, Race 2 hits the big screen on January 25, 2013. Let’s hope Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez can help returnees Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor make this Race a more enjoyable experience than the first one.

Race 2 opens on Friday at five Chicago area theaters: AMC River East 21 in Chicago, Regal Gardens Stadium 1-6 in Skokie, Big Cinemas Golf Glen 5 in Niles, AMC South Barrington 30 in South Barrington, and Regal Cantera Stadium 17 in Warrenville. It has a listed runtime of 2 hrs. 30 min.

The only other Hindi film showing locally is Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, which gets a third week at the South Barrington 30.

Other Indian movies showing at the Golf Glen 5 this weekend include Naayak (Telugu), Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (Telugu), Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 (Punjabi), and both the Tamil and Telugu versions of Vishwaroopam.


7 thoughts on “Opening January 25: Race 2

  1. Shah Shahid

    Abbas-Mastaan were amazing Directors back in the day. These days though, their movies have been relegated to featuring characters all of whom may be called villains, betraying each other and gratuitous plot twists every act. Similar to Shyamalan.

    I’m not down for RACE 2 either.

    1. Kathy Post author

      Including his own body of work, Shyamalan has done more to ruin movies than any other individual working in cinema. Not everything needs to have “a twist”!

  2. Keyur Seta

    I am been sent to review this tomorrow. And I am excited as I loved the first movie 😀 Must have seen 3-4 times. These days, we are agreeing to disagree a lot, Kathy 🙂 Let’s hope we agree on our response to this movie 😀


      1. Keyur Seta

        Sorry to disagree again but I don’t like her 😀

        By the way, it was my pleasure to attend the screenings of four films by Dadasaheb Phalke. It is just incredible how they made such films with special effects at a time when there was almost no technology! Hats off to Phalke’s dedication! In fact, it was more than a pleasure to attend it! Also met the great filmmaker Shyam Benegal. This was the event –


        1. Kathy Post author

          I will not tolerate disagreement on this site, Keyur. Just kidding! 😉 The Dadsaheb Phalke event sounds wonderful. I’m jealous!

          1. Keyur Seta

            For a second I was stunned by the first sentence of your reply. Lol! 😀
            Those Phalke movies are just out on DVDs. Maybe you can lay your hands on them some time in the future.


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